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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website! I started making books a long time ago and based my

first published book on my childhood story called "Carlo the Giraffe who could not read." I found learning to read very difficult and my mum helped me make books to help my self esteem.


I really love reading now. My favourite children's book is called 'Simp" by John Burningham.

I really like the books by the writer Elizabeth Taylor - not the actress but a writer who wrote books in the 1950's and 60's. She writes about everyday life and her characters feel really believable.


When I make my books, I like to start by thinking of ideas for characters. When I thought about Clive,

I wanted to make a gentle little boy and a boy that was happy to pursue his own interests and not be constrained by gender stereotyping. I talk about this in the interview called

'How the Rosa and Clive books celebrate inclusivity." 


I really like visiting schools and it is very enjoyable to run workshops, it is also an important part of

my practice as it helps me think of ideas and characters for new books.

I'm a mum of three grown up children, including girl/boy twins. We live in a wooden house in east london. We were lucky enough to build it (with lots of help.) The wood is a special type called 'cross laminated timber' and it is a very good building material that is environmentally friendly. For every one tree that is cut down, three more are planted! We live with our pet dog called 'Muddy' and our cat called 'Moshi' who appears in my Clive books. They are both very lovely but unfortunately they don't get on so have to live in separate parts of the house!

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